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tabPaper Products

Brown and White Paper Bags:
With Handles 10x5x13, 13x7x17, 18x7x18 ¾
#4 (4000 ct)
#4 (1000 ct)
#6 (2000 ct)
#6 (500 ct)
#8 (2000 ct)
#8 (500 ct)
#10 (2000 ct)
#10 (500 ct)
#12 (1000 ct)
#12 (500 ct)
#16 (1000 ct)
#16 (500 ct)
#20 (1000 ct)
#20 (500 ct)
Plastic T-Shirt Bags
Garbage Bags Black Heavy Duty 55 gal.
Garbage Bags Black 33 gal.
Garbage Bags Black 46 gal.
Garbage Bags Heavy Duty on Roll
Recycle Bags Blue
Clear Portion Bags 6x3x15
Produce Bags 10×15
Ziplock Bags (gallon size)
Ice Bags 10#

tabNapkins & Towels

Lowfold Napkins
Cocktail / Beverage Napkins
Dinner Napkin 2-ply
Paper Towels
Hard Roll Paper Towel
C-Fold Towels
Toilet Tissue Rolls
Toilet Tissue 9″ Dispenser

tabFoils, Films, Plastics & Others

12″ Film Wrap
18″ Film Wrap
12″ Foil Wrap
18″ Foil Wrap
18″ Heavy Duty Foil Wrap
Aluminum Foil Pop-ups
15″ MG Roll
Wet Wax Paper 12×15
Dry Wax Paper 12×15
Wax Pop-ups 8×10
Wax Pop-ups 10×15
Hot Cups & Lids
Paper Plates 9″
Wrapped Drinking Straws
Beverage Sip Sticks / Stirrers


Frilled Toothpicks
Wrapped Tootpicks
After Dinner Mints Wrapped
After Dinner Mints with Jelly
Butchers Twine
Wet Naps

tabDairy Products

Medium Carton (30 dz.)
Large Carton (30 dz.)
X-Large Carton (30 dz.)
X-Large Carton (15 dz.)
Jumbo Carton (30 dz.)
18-pack (30 dz.)
Medium Loose Eggs (30 dz.)
Large Loose Eggs (30 dz.)
X-Large Loose Eggs (30 dz.)
Brown Eggs (30 dz.)
Organic Eggs (15 dz.)
Double Yolk (Special Order)


Sweet 36/1 lb.
Salted 36/1 lb.
Blended Butter 30/1 lb.
Whipped Butter Tubs 7 lb.
Continental Butter Chips 17 lb.
Butter Cups 720 ct
Margarine 30/1 lb.
Better Butter (Whirl) 3/1 gal.


Heavy Cream 40% (Qts.)
Heavy Cream 36% (Qts.)
1/2 &1/2 (Qts.)
Milk (Qts.)
Milk (1/2 Gallons)
Milk (Gallons)
Skim Milk (Qts.)
Skim Milk (1/2 Gallons)
Skim Milk (Gallons)
1 % Milk (Qts.)
1 % Milk (1/2 Gallons)
1 % Milk (Gallons)
2 % Milk (Qts.)
2 % Milk (1/2 Gallons)
2 % Milk (Gallons)
Buttermilk (Qts.)
Whipped Cream 12/14 oz. cans
Sour Cream 10# Tub
Cream Cheese Loaf 3#
Cream Cheese Whipped Tubs 5#
P/C Milkers
P/C Creamers

**All Other Milk Products Available For Special Order**


100% Pure Olive Oil 6/1 gal
Blended Oil 25% 6/1 gal
Blended Oil 6/1 gal
Canola Fry Oil 35#
Canola Oil 35#
Sunflower / X-Virgin Blended Oil 4/3 liter
Clear Fry Oil 35#
Corn Oil 35#
Corn Oil 6/1 gal
Creamy Oil 35#
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 12/1 liter
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4/3 liter
Kaolo Gold 4/1 gal
Paradise Oil 6/1 gal
Peanut Oil 35#
Pomace Oil 6/1 gal
Sesame Oil (gal.)
Soy Bean Oil 35#
Top Fry Oil 35#
Truffle Oil 8 oz. Bottle

tabCooking Wines / Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar 12/17 oz.
Balsamic Vinegar 2/5 liter
Cider Vinegar
Marsala Wine 4/1 gal
Raspberry Vinegar 12/1 liter
Red Vinegar 4/1 gal
Ricewine Vinegar
Sherry Wine 4/1 gal
White Balsamic Vinegar 2/5 liter
White Vinegar 4/1 gal
White Wine 4/1 gal

tabDressings & Condiments

Balsamic Vinegrette 4/1 gal
Blue Cheese 4/1 gal
Creamy Ceasar 4/1 gal
Creamy Italian 4/1 gal
French 4/1 gal
Honey Mustard 4/1 gal
Kraft Golden Italian Marinade 4/1 gal
Ranch 4/1 gal
Raspberry Vinagrette 4/1 gal
Russian 4/1gal
Seperating Italian 4/1 gal
Thousand Island 4/1 gal
Whaler’s Wharf 4/1 gal
Heinz Ketchup 6/#10
Deli Mustard 4/1 gal
Dijon Mustard 4/1 gal
Gulden’s Mustard 4/1 gal
Hellman’s Mayo 4/1 gal
Admiration Mayo 4/1 gal
Tartar Sauce 4/1 gal
Grey Poupon
Roland Smooth Dijon Mustard
Roland Grain Dijon Mustard

tabPortion Control

Heinz Ketchup
Hellman’s Mayo
Gulden’s Mustard
Cocktail Sauce
Tartar Sauce
Domino Sugar
Sweet & Low
Brown Sugar (Sugar in the Raw)
Italian Dressing
Ceasar Dressing
Creamy Ceasar Dressing
Creamy Italian Dressing
Ranch Dressing
Kraft Tartar Sauce Cups
Kraft Honey Dijon Cups
Pancake Syrup
Grape Jelly
Milkers / Creamers

tabTable Top

Heinz Ketchup 24/14 oz. Glass Bottles
Tobasco Sauce
A-1 Steak Sauce
Lea Perrins Worchestershire Sauce
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oil


Cole Slaw 10# or 30#
Macaroni Salad 10# or 30#
Potato Salad 10# or 30#

tabCrackers & Cookies

P/C Saltine Crackers
P/C Oyster Crackers
Lady Fingers
Cantuccini Cookies

tabCoffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate
Nestle Hot Chocolate
Lipton Iced Tea Bags
Lipton Tea Bags
Lipton Decaf Tea Bags
100% Columbian Coffee
Decaf. Coffee

tabJuice, Water & Beverages

Apple Cider
Apple Juice 8/64 oz
Tree Ripe Orange Juice (1/2 gallons)
Tropicana Orange Juice 12/32 oz
Florida Natural Orange Juice 8/64 oz carton
Orange Juice 48/6 oz
Dole Pineapple Juice 48/6 oz
Dole Pineapple Juice 12/46 oz
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice 8/60 oz
Cranberry Juice 48/6 oz
Grapefruit Juice 8/60 oz
Grapefruit Juice 48/6 oz
Sacramento Tomato Juice 48/6 oz.
Sacramento Tomato Juice 12/46 oz.
V-8 Juice
Real Lemon Juice 6/48 oz
Roses Lime Juice 12/1 liter
Pellegrino Red Bitters 24/6 oz
Pellegrino Arengada 24/6 oz
Pellegrino Chinoto 24/6 oz
Pellegrino Limonada 24/6 oz
Pellegrino Water (8 oz)
Pellegrino Water (17 oz)
Pellegrino Water (Liter)
Panna Water (Liter)
Rochetta Italian Sparkling Mineral Water 12/1 Liter
Rochetta Italian Natural Mineral Water 12/1 Liter
Evian Water 24/11 oz
Perrier Water 24/6.5 oz
Poland Spring Water 35/16.9 oz
Poland Spring Water 15/1 liter
Poland Spring Water 12/1.5 liter
Poland Spring Water 24/23 oz Sports Cap
Poland Spring Water 48/8 oz
Poland Spring Water 6/1 gal
4C Lemonade Mix 6/36 oz
4C Iced Tea Mix 6/74 oz

tabBar Items

CoCo Lopez
Grenadine 12/25 oz
Lemon X 4/1 gal
Angostar Bitters 10 oz.
Bloody Mary Mix
Marguerita Mix
Pina Colada Mix
Strawberry Daiquiri
Sweet & Sour Mix
Cocktail Onions 12/1 qt
Martini Olives 12/1 qt
Maraschino Cherries 4/1 gal




Breaded Onion Rings
Battered Mozzarella Sticks
Breaded Mozzarella Sticks
Wing Dings or Zings
Chicken Fingers
Jalapeno Poppers
Potato Skins
Zucchini Sticks


Philly Cheese Steaks
Philly Chicken Steaks
Veggie Burgers
Hamburgers (4, 6 & 8 oz.)
Cheese Ravioli
Cheese Tortellini
Meat Tortellini
Tri-Color Tortellini
Jumbo Crabcakes (6 oz.)
Large Crabcakes (4 oz.)
Mini Crabcakes Original
Mini Crabcakes Southwest
Mini Crabcakes Italian
Lobster Cakes
Puff Pastry




Basa Fillet 15 lb.
Calamari Rings 12/2 lb.
Calamari Tubes & Tentacles 3/5 20/2.5 lb.
Calamari Tubes & Tentacles 5/8 20/2.5 lb.
Calamari Tubes & Tentacles 8/10 20/2.5 lb.
Calamari Tubes & Tentacles 4/7 10/2.5 lb
Calamari Tubes Only 3/5 10/2.5lb.
Calamari Tubes Only 5/8 10/2.5lb.
Calamari Tubes Only 8/10 10/2.5lb.
Clams Little Neck 100 ct.
Crab Legs King Crab
Crabmeat Imitation
Crabmeat Jumbo Lump
Crabmeat Regular Lump
Lobster Slipper Tails 1-2 oz. 5 lb.
Lobster Slipper Tails 2-4 oz 5 lb.
Lobster Tail 5-10 oz. 10 lb.
Mussels New Zealand
Mussels P.E.I.
Octopus Baby
Shrimp Black Tiger Shell-On 13-15 6/4 lb.
Shrimp Black Tiger Shell-On 16-20 6/4 lb.
Shrimp Breaded 13-15
Shrimp Breaded 16-20
Shrimp Coconut 16-20
Shrimp Cooked 16-20 5/2 lb.
Shrimp Cooked 21-25 5/2 lb.
Shrimp P & D 13-15 5/2 lb.
Shrimp P & D 16-20 5/2 lb.
Shrimp P & D 31-40 5/2 lb.
Shrimp P & D 8-12 5/2 lb.
Shrimp Tidy 20/1 lb
Shrimp Torpedo 4/2.5 lb
Shrimp Quick Peel 16-20 10/2 lb.
Shrimp Quick Peel 8-12 10/2 lb.
Tilapia Fillet 10 lb.

tabMeat & Poultry

Bacon 15 lb.
Beef Bones 10 lb
Bison (Buffalo) Burger
Chicken Bones
Chicken Breast Bone In
Chicken Cornish Hens
Chicken Cutlets 4/10 lb
Chicken Ground
Chicken Legs
Chicken Party Wings 10 lb
Chicken Thighs on Bone
Chicken Whole (Various Sizes)
Chicken Wings Fresh 40 lb
Chop Meat 10 lb.
Corn Beef
Dry Hot Sausage 10 lb
Dry Sweet Sausage 10 lb
Hamburgers 4 oz.
Hamburgers 6oz.
Hamburgers 8oz.
Italian Hot Sausage 10 lb
Italian Sweet Sausage 10 lb
Lamb Baby
Lamb Chops
Lamb Leg Bone-In
Lamb Top Rounds
Meat Top Butt
Meat Bottom Rounds
Meat Eye Round
Meat Flank
Meat London Broil
Meat N.Y. Strip
Meat Prime Rib
Meat Rib Eye Boneless
Meat Rib Eye with Bone
Meat Shell Steak
Meat Short Loin
Meat Short Ribs
Meat Sirloin
Meat Skirt
Meat Strip Loin
Meat T-Bone Porter House
Meat Top Round
Meat Top Round Trimmed & Tied
Pork Baby Back Ribs
Pork Belly
Pork Butt
Pork Chop
Pork Cutlets
Pork Ground
Pork Loin Boneless
Pork Loin with Bone
Pork Pernil
Pork Sausage Breakfast Links
Pork Sausage Breakfast Patties
Pork Spare Ribs
Roast Beef
Turkey Burger
Turkey Ground
Turkey Legs
Turkey Sweethearts
Turkey Whole Fresh (Various Sizes)
Turkey Whole Frozen (Various Sizes)
Veal B.H.S.
Veal Bones
Veal Bottom Round
Veal Cutlets
Veal Eye Round
Veal Loin
Veal Meatball
Veal Neck
Veal Rib Chop Trimmed
Veal Slices
Veal T.B.S.
Veal Top Round


Deli Ham
Pepperoni Sliced 10 lb
Pepperoni Sticks
Prosciutto Boneless
Prosciutto Cubes
Prosciutto Di Parma
Salami Cubes
Salami Genoa
Sopressata Hot
Sopressata Sweet
Turkey Breast

tabSpecialty Retail

Vincent’s Sauces (Hot, Medium, Mild) 12/16 oz.
Saucy Susan (9 oz. or 19 oz.)
Dai Day Duck Sauce 12/40 oz.
Dai Day Garlic Spare Rib Sauce 9.5 oz.
Pastene Kitchen Ready Tomatoes 28 oz.
Pastene Italian Tuna (3 oz.or 6 oz.)
Genova Italian Tuna (3 oz. or 6 oz.)
Mancini Roasted / Fried Peppers (7 oz. or 12 oz.)
Scalfani Italian Tomato 35 oz
Scalfani Italian Tomato 28 oz
Scalfani Crushed Tomato 28 oz
Scalfani Tomato Puree 28 oz

tabSabrett Products

Hot Dogs 24/1#
Onions in Jars 12/16 oz.
Onions in Bags 24/1#
Sauerkraut in Bags 24/1#

tabSeveroli Products (12/16 oz.)

Cheese Tortellini
Meat Tortellini
Tri-Color Tortellini

tabRoland Products

Large Pitted Olives (24/15 oz.)
Cous-Cous (12/12 oz.)
Red Wine (12/12.9 oz.)
White Wine (12/12.9 oz.)
Marsala Wine (12/12.9 oz.)
Sherry Wine (12/12.9 oz.)
Clam Juice (12/8 oz.)
Sliced / Whole Mushrooms (24/8 oz.)
Sliced / Whole Mushrooms (24/16 oz.)
Sherry Wine Vinegar (12/25.4 oz.)
Polenta (12/8.8 oz.)
Green Peppercorns (8.75 oz.)
Aborio Rice (20/1 lb.)
Non-Pariel Capers (12/3 oz.)

tab4C Products

Flavored Bread Crumbs (15 or 24 oz.)
Plain Bread Crumbs (15 or 24 oz.)
Iced Tea Mix 6/74 oz.
Lemonade Mix 6/74 oz.

tabQueen Ann Products

Angolotti Cheese 12/1#
Cavitelli Plain 12/1#
Cavitelli Ricotta 12/1#
Crepes 7#
Gnocchi 12/1#
Gnocchi Spinach 12/1#
Linguine Black
Manicotti 12/6 ct
Manicotti Bulk 60 ct
Raviolette Cheese 12/1#
Raviolette Meat 12/1#
Ravioli Artichoke 16 ct
Ravioli Broccoli Rabe 16 ct
Ravioli Bulk 144 ct
Ravioli Lobster 12 ct
Ravioli Lobster Bulk 144 ct
Ravioli Meat 12/12 ct
Ravioli Meat 12/50 ct
Ravioli Pesto 16 ct
Ravioli Porcini 16 ct
Ravioli Round 12/16 ct
Ravioli Shrimp 12 ct
Ravioli Spinach 16 ct
Ravioli Square 12/36 ct
Ravioli Square 12/50 ct
Ravioli Square Large 12/16 ct
Stuffed Rigatoni 10/1#
Stuffed Shells 12/12 ct
Stuffed Shells Bulk 96 ct
Tortellini Cheese 12/1#
Tortellini Meat 12/1#
Tortellini Spinach 12/1#
Tortellini Tri-Color 12/1#

**Most Queen Ann Products Available in Fresh or Frozen**
**Other Specialty Items Available For Special Order**

tabGrocery Retail Items

***C.B. Printing Co….please see list***


Caramel Apples
Jelly Apples
Hay Bales
Corn Stalks
Pumpkins (Various Sizes)
Ice Melt 25 lb


Plastic Forks
Plastic Knives
Plastic Spoons
Serving Spoons
Combo Pack (fork, knife, spoon, salt, pepper, napkin)


7″ Round Aluminum Pans
8″ Round Aluminum Pans
9″ Round Aluminum Pans
7″ Aluminum Combo
8″ Aluminum Combo
9″ Aluminum Combo
7″ Flat Lids
8″ Flat Lids
9″ Flat Lids
7″ Dome Lids
8″ Dome Lids
9″ Dome Lids
7″ Versitainer Combo
9″ Versitainer Combo
Aluminum Full Pans-Shallow
Aluminum Full Pans-Med.Deep
Aluminum Full Pans-Full Deep
Aluminum 1/2 Pans-Shallow
Aluminum 1/2 Pans-Med.Deep
Aluminum 1/2 Pans-Full Deep
Aluminum Full Pan Lids
Aluminum 1/2 Pan Lids
Foam 6″ Container
Foam 9″ Container
Plastic Deli Containers (8,16,32 oz.)
Plastic Heavy Duty Deli Containers (16,32 oz.)
Soufflet Cups & Lids 2 oz.
Soufflet Cups & Lids 4 oz.
Soup Cup Combo 16 oz. Paper

tabCleaning Supplies

Easy-Off Oven Cleaner
Window / Glass Cleaner
Pine Cleaner
Pot & Pan Soap
Pink Hand Soap
Grill Cleaner
Hotel Size Brillo
Green Pads
Stainless Steele Sponges
Grill Screens
Mop Heads
Mop Handles
Latex Gloves
Urinal Deoderizing Sanitizers / Screens
Nu-Foam Sanitizing Tablets

a Boxes (10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”)


American Cheese Sliced
Asiago Cheese
Blue Cheese Crumbled 5# bags
Blue Cheese Wheel
Brie Wheels
Cheddar Cheese Block 10#
Cheddar Cheese Shredded 5# bags
Cream Cheese Loaf 3#
Cream Cheese Whipped Tubs 5#
Feta Tubs
Goat Cheese (12 oz. logs)
Grana Padana (Quarters or Large Wheels)
Monterey Jack Block 10#
Parmesean Shredded Polly-O 5# bags
Parmesean Grated 5#
Peccorino Romano (Large Imported Wheels)
Peccorino Romano (Small Wheels)
Peccorino Romano Grated 5#
Provolone (Imported)
Provolone (Slicing)
Regiano Parmesean (Quarters or Large Wheels)
Ricotta 6/3#
Ricotta Polly-O 12/1#
Ricotta Impastada
Ricotta Salata
Sardo Cheese
Swiss Cheese


Boccocini 2 / 3#
Cellengini 2 / 3#
Fresh Mozzarella 1#
Fresh Mozzarella Loaf
Grande Part Skim Mozzarella Loaf
Grande Whole Milk Mozzarella Loaf
Marino Part Skim Mozzarella Loaf
Marino Whole Milk Mozzarella Loaf
Ovaline 2 / 3#
Polly-O Curd
Polly-O Fior de Latte 2/3#
Polly-O Mozzarella 12 / 1#
Polly-O Part Skim Mozzarella Loaf
Polly-O Whole Milk Mozzarella Loaf
Shredded Mozzarella 5#

tabFlours & Breadcrumbs

4C Flavored Breadcrumbs 50#
Japanese Breadcrumbs
Japanese Breadcrumbs Fine 25#
Seasoned Breadcrumbs 4/5#
Plain Breadcrumbs 4/5#
All Purpose Flour 25#
All Trump Flour 50#
Duram Flour
Full Strength Flour
Rice Flour
Semolina Flour
Whole Wheat Flour


Carolina Rice 25#
Uncle Ben’s Rice 25#
Delta Star Par-Boiled Rice 50#
Aborio Rice
Basmati Rice
Brown Rice


50# Table Salt
Salt Rounds 24/26 oz.
Kosher Salt 12/3#
Sea Salt 12/1#

tabSugar & Sugar Substitutes

Sugar 50#
Sugar 8/5#
Domino Dark Brown Sugar 24/1#
Domino Light Brown Sugar 24/1#
Domino Confectionary Sugar 24/1#
Domino Superfine Sugar 24/1#
P/C Splendor
P/C Sweet & Low
P/C Equal
P/C Domino Sugar
P/C Sugar in the Raw

tabSpices & Seasonings

Chopped Garlic in Oil 12/32 oz.
Minced Garlic 6/32 oz.
Peeled Garlic Jars
Peeled Shallot Jars
Liquid Smoke
Liquid Paprika
Sausage Seasoning w/ Pepper
Adobo Seasoning
All Purpose Sausage Seasoning (no pepper)
All Spice
Basil Leaves
Bay Leaves
Black Pepper Butcher Ground
Black Pepper Ground
Black Pepper Fine Ground
Black Peppercorns
Caraway Seeds
Cayene Pepper
Celery Salt
Celery Seed
Chilli Powder
Cinnamon Ground
Cinnamon Sticks
Clove Powder
Clove Whole
Fennel Seeds Ground
Fennel Seeds Whole
Garlic Granulated
Garlic Powder
Garlic Minced
Italian Seasoning
Lemon Pepper
Maggie Seasoning
Mixed Peppercorns
Mustard Dry
Onion Granulated
Onion Powder
Onion Minced
Parsley Flakes
Peppercorns (Green, Pink, Mixed) 7.5 oz.
Pickling Spice
Red Crushed Pepper
Saffron 1 oz.
Sage Powder
Sage Whole
Seasoning Salt
Sesame Seeds
Taco Seasoning
Thyme Leaves
White Pepper Ground
White Peppercorns

tabBases, Broths & Soups

Knorrs Beef Base 6/2#
Knorrs Chicken Base 6/2#
LeGout Beef Base 12/1#
LeGout Chicken Base 12/1#
College Inn Beef Broth 12/46 oz.
College Inn Chicken Broth 12/46 oz.
Campbell’s Soups (Various Flavors) 12/50 oz
Clam, Lobster, Shrimp, Seafood & Vegetable Bases Also Available
Knorr Boullian Cubes

tabGravy, Sauces & Glazes

A-1 Steak Sauce (Small Table Size Bottles)
Apple Sauce 6/#10
Brown (Beef) Gravy 12/50 oz
Cheese Sauce 6/#10
Chicken Gravy 12/50 oz
Chili Con Carne 6/#10
Chilli Sauce 6/#10
Cocktail Sauce 4/1 gal
Dai Day Duck Sauce 5 gal Pail
Frank’s Hot Sauce 4/1 gal
Gravy Master
Hoisen Sauce 6/5#
Kikoman Soy Sauce 4/1 gal
Kikoman Teriyaki Sauce 4/1 gal
Kikoman Teriyaki Glaze 6/5#
Knorr Demi Glaze 6/2#
Lea Perrins Worchestershire Sauce (Small Table Size Bottles)
Lea Perrins Worchestershire Sauce 3/1 gal
Marinara Sauce 6/#10
Melba Sauce
Ocean Spray Jellied / Whole Cranberry Sauce
Open Pit BBQ Sauce 4/1 gal
Oyster Sauce 6/5#
Pizza Sauce 6/#10
Roland Balsamic Glaze
Tabasco Sauce (Small Table Size Bottles)
Tartar Sauce 4/1 gal
Turkey Gravy 12/50 oz
Worchestershire Sauce 4/1 gal


Almond Extract
Almond Paste
Baking Powder
Baking Soda
Bisquick 6/5#
Brownie Mix 6/5#
Cannoli Cream 2/3#
Cannoli Shells Large
Cannoli Shells Small
Chocolate Block
Chocolate Chips
Chocolate Semi-Sweet Bar 11#
Chocoloate Dark Block 5#
Coco Powder
Coconut Cream
Coconut Shredded 10#
Corn Meal
Cornstarch 24/1#
Cracker Meal
Crumbs Grahamcracker
Crumbs Granola
Crumbs Oreo
Egg Shade
Gummy Bears
Honey 6/5#
Oatmeal 8/42 oz
Pam Spray 6/17 oz.
Pancake Mix 6/5#
Pie Filling Apple 6/#10
Pie Filling Cherry 6/#10
Pie Filling Pumpkin 6/#10
Vanilla Extract
Yeast Dry
Yeast Wet Fresh

tabNuts, Dry Fruits & Preserves

Almonds Blanched 4 lb
Almonds Shelled 4 lb
Almonds Sliced 3 lb
Almonds Slivered 4 lb
Cashews 4 lb
Chestnuts 50 lb
Chestnuts Cleaned & Peeled 60 pk
Dry Apricots 5 lb
Dry Cherries 5 lb
Dry Cranberry 5 lb
Dry Date 5 lb.
Dry Figs
Dry Plums 5 lb
Dry Prunes 5 lb
Honey 6/5 lb
Jelly Grape 6/4 lb
Jelly Mint 6/4 lb
Macadamia 5 lb
Mixed Nuts 4 lb.
Peanut Butter 6/4 lb
Peanuts Roasted 24/1 lb
Pecans 5 lb
Pine Nuts 27.56 lb.
Pine Nuts 5 lbs
Pistachio Pieces 5 lb
Walnut Halves & Pieces 3 lb
Walnuts 25 lb

tabTomato Products

7-11 Tomatoes 6/#10
Alta Cucina Tomatoes 6/#10
Antonio Tomatoes 6/#10
Diced Tomatoes 6#10
Esposito Italian Tomatoes 6/#10
Nina Tomatoes 6/#10
Pastene Kitchen Ready Tomatoes 12/28 oz
Pastene Kitchen Ready Tomatoes 6/#10
Red Pack All Purpose / Crushed Tomato 6/#10
Red Pack Tomato Paste 6/#10
Red Pack Whole Tomato in Puree 6/#10
Tomato Paste 6 oz.
Tomato Paste 6/#10
Tomato Puree 6/#10
Tomato Shade

tabCanned Fruit & Vegetables

Fruit Cocktail 6/#10
Apples Sliced 6/#10
Apricots Whole / Halves 6/#10
Artichoke Hearts 6/#10
Beans Black 6/#10
Beans Cannellini 6/#10
Beans Cannellini 24/14 oz
Beans Cut 6/#10
Beans Red Kidney 6/#10
Beans Red Kidney 24/14 oz
Beans Baked 6/#10
Beans Sprouts 6/#10
Beans Fava 24/14 oz
Beets Sliced 6/#10
Hearts of Palm 12/28 oz
Red Cabbage 6/#10
Corn Kernels 6/#10
Corn Baby 6/#10
Manderin Oranges 6/#10
Mushrooms Stems & Pieces 6/#10
Peas Chic 6/#10
Peas Chic 24/14 oz
Peas Green 6/#10
Peaches Sliced / Halves 6/#10
Pears Sliced / Halves 6/#10
Pineapple 6/#10
Pork & Beans 6/#10
Potatoes Whole 6/#10
Potatoes Instant Mash 6/#10
Sauerkraut 6/#10
Yams Canned 6/#10
Princella Cut Yams 12/40 oz

tabMarinated / Jar Items

Artichokes Marinated 6/67 oz.
Capers Non-Pariel Qts.
Cocktail Onions Qts.
Giardiniera 4/1 gal
Hot Cherry Peppers 4/1 gal.
Hot Sliced Cherry Peppers 4/1 gal.
Hot Stuffed Cherry Peppers 4/1 gal.
Maraschino Cherries 4/1 gal
Marinated Eggplant
Mushrooms Marinated 4/1 gal
Pepper Hulls 4/1 gal
Pepperoncini 4/1 gal.
Pickle Chips 4/1 gal
Pickle Tubs (Full or Half Sour)
Pickles Whole 4/1 gal.
Relish 4/1 gal.
Roasted Peppers 6/#10
Salsa 4/1 gal.
Sliced Jalapeno Peppers 4/1 gal
Sweet Cherry Peppers 4/1 gal
Sweet Stuffed Cherry Peppers 4/1 gal.
Vinegar Peppers 6/#10


Black Pitted Olives 6/#10
Black Whole Olives 6/#10
Black Sliced Olives 6/#10
Martini Olives 12/1 qt.
Queen Green Pitted Olives 4/1 gal
Queen Green Whole Olives 4/1 gal
Queen Green Stuffed Olives 4/1 gal
Manzanilla Pitted Olives 4/1 gal
Manzanilla Whole Olives 4/1 gal
Manzanilla Stuffed Olives 4/1 gal
Kalamata Pitted Olives
Kalamata Whole Olives
Gaeta Olives

tabCanned Fish

Tuna Chunk-Lite 6/66 oz.
Tuna Tangol 6/66 oz.
Tuna Solid White 6/66 oz.
Anchovies (in Olive or Soybean Oil) 28 oz.
Chopped Clams 12/51 oz.
Clam Juice 12/46 oz.
LaMonica Scungilli 12/29 oz.
Pastene Italian Tuna 24/6 oz
Pastene Italian Tuna 24/3 oz
Genova Italian Tuna 24/6 oz
Genova Italian Tuna 24/3 oz
Whole Baby Clams 24/10 oz.

tabDry Beans (Jack Rabbit Brand 24/1 lb.)

Cannellini Beans
Black Beans
Great Northern Beans
Large Lima Beans
Navy Beans
Pinto Beans
Roman Beans
Fava Beans
Red Kidney Beans
Green Split Peas
Yellow Split Peas


Plain White Tortilla Wraps
Sun-Dried Tomato / Basil Wraps
Spinach Wraps
Honey Wheat Wraps


Poiatti & LaValle Brand (20/1#)
Cut Ziti
Penne Rigate

tabDeCecco Pasta

Cappellini #9
Cut Ziti #118
Farfalle #93
Fedelini #10
Fettuccine #6
Fettuccine Nest (Egg Noodles) #103
Fussilli # 34
Linguine #7
Linguine fini #8
Mezza Rigatoni
Orrichiette #91
Penne #40
Penne Rigate #41
Perchatelli #15
Rigatoni #24
Spaghetti #12
Whole Wheat Linguine

tabMisura Pasta

Whole Wheat Penne
Whole Wheat Spaghetti

tabBarilla Pasta (2/10#)

Thin Spaghetti

tabMarino Pasta (20/1#)

Cut Ziti
Mezzi Rigatoni
Penne Rigate
Short Fussilli


Cut Beans
Whole Beans
French Beans
Broccoli Spears
Broccoli Florettes
Chopped Broccoli
Chopped Spinach
Leaf Spinach
Peas & Carrots
Corn Kernels
Corn On The Cob
Mixed Vegetable
Italian Mixed Vegetable
Whole Baby Carrots
Diced Carrots
Sliced Carrots
Artichoke Hearts


Crinkle Cut
Regular Cut
Steak Cut
Seasoned Curly
Seasoned Regular Cut
Sweet Potato Fries
Waffle Fries
Yucca Fries